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  About Us

About us

"Amalgam’s founders rose to success in their respective fields of Market Research, Brand Building, Psychotherapy, and Culture Change. They share a passion for applicable learning"

Amalgam - “A combination of different elements, blended together to create strength”

Successful leaders have a unique blend of skills and qualities that propel them to success in the challenging world of business. Very few were born with these advantages. So, how did they acquire them? And how can you, as a modern African business leader, develop yourself to seize opportunities and face new challenges with confidence?

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  The Amalgam


The Amalgam Leadership Programme is designed to address these questions and deliver the answers. To equip Africa’s emerging business leaders for greater personal and business success.

Unique in its Curriculum and delivery, Amalgam is an applicable learning programme. Our Faculty comprises seasoned African business leaders who openly share their hard-earned knowledge, skills and techniques to accelerate your business and personal development.

Illustrated with real evidence of success and failure in African fast-growing economies, the Amalgam Leadership Programme explores 4 areas we believe to be critical to your future success:


The Amalgam Leadership Curriculum will equip you to become an accomplished organisational leader. Together, we explore the 3 linked pillars of Leadership: Leading the Self, Leading Other People and Leading the Organisation. Central to this is an understanding of how to balance intellect (IQ) with emotion (EQ) to become an impactful leader.


The Amalgam Finance Curriculum will enhance your financial literacy. Giving you the confidence to interrogate financial statements in a more insightful way. Sharing the latest thinking on financial reporting, to help you decide what should be measured, how it should be measured, and how to share results on real-time platforms.


The Amalgam Technology Curriculum will give you a practical understanding of the key technology trends impacting business today: from the Internet of Things to Big Data. It prepares you to champion the effect use of technology in business transformation and understand the growing challenges of Cybersecurity.


The Amalgam Marketing Curriculum will give you a high-level understanding of how Marketing works and what contribution it can make to business success. It will equip you to drive the Marketing agenda and set appropriate metrics for Return On Investment.

Amalgam’s content development is guided by research studies among African CEOs, continuously updated in response to changing economic events.

  The Amalgam


The Amalgam Leadership Programme carefully blends formal learning sessions, mentorship interaction, and peer-to-peer collaboration to deliver a rounded learning experience.

We take into consideration the time constraints facing business leaders, and the limitations on travel and social distancing restrictions made necessary by COVID-19.

We begin our 12-month development journey with a Foundation Weekend in a stunningly beautiful African getaway. This is followed by 11 months of engagement, blending full-day socially-distanced live sessions with frequent half-day video meetings. Guest speakers, drawn from Africa’s CEO community, join us every month to share the ‘moments that have mattered’ in their personal and business lives.

We host convivial quarterly events to connect you with our growing Alumni body. Finally, our programme concludes with a formal Graduation Ceremony, when you’ll be invited to join the Amalgam Alumni Community.

  The Amalgam


A key objective of the Amalgam Leadership Programme is the creation of an African leadership peer network that thrives beyond the annual class.

Each annual class is limited to a maximum of 15 individuals, chosen for their diversity of business experience, ethnicity and gender to create a stimulating blend. The intimate size of the group rapidly fosters confidence, trust and a collaborative atmosphere.

Upon Graduation, each class joins our Alumni Community. A network of like-minded individuals with diverse and balanced skills, ready to help you to continue your development journey.


What participants say about Amalgam?

Amalgam has been brilliant. I like the fact that the programme not only helps us to interact, but also to get some practical solutions that we can apply in our business. I now have five change projects ongoing in my Company - all related to learnings from Amalgam.

Oscar Murigi
Managing Director - Platinum Credit (Microfinance)

The topics about self-discovery were actually the most profound for me. They have allowed me to make changes in my life that have given me a better balance and made me a lot more effective in the workplace. I now relate better with the colleagues and teams that I work with. What you put back into human capital of the business is what ultimately gives you results.

Karanja Njoroge
General Manager - Chloride Exide (Energy)

Amalgam has really been gently informative and very positive. This is something I would love to do again. And I want to retain the relationships because they help me to grow. For many years I felt like I had reached my plateau, but now I feel like I'm renewed again.

Timothy Mahinda
Executive Chairman – Lukenya Getaway (Hospitality)

I was hesitant to join Amalgam at the beginning, which was an incredibly naive way of looking at things. You don't know the potential out there unless you sit there with people going through similar things at the same time. It's using that collective effort that helps you to not only enhance yourself as an individual, but also to take what you learn on a day-to -day basis and put it into the Company.

Edward Ritchie
General Manager – Solinc East Africa (Manufacturing)

Amalgam for me is the best for the level I am at. It’s the best way to improve myself in the business and also personally. The time we spend once a month, you're looking at small, small things that you're going to work on and build for yourself. I don't think I'll be looking for sitting in a class to do an exam. My exam is the success of having implemented a certain idea that I’ll pick up from the programme.

Patrick Mbugua
General Manager - Wildfire Flowers (Floriculture)

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