Amalgam is the brainchild of three experienced Chief Executive Officers (L to R) Ndirangu wa Maina, Chris Harrison and Lenny Ng’ang’a.

What is the purpose of Amalgam?

Amalgam Leadership is Kenya’s leadership development brand. Amalgam aims to provide a forum for cutting edge, practical, and networked learning for Business Leaders in an intimate setting, hence the defining statement “Leaders together”. The Amalgam learning style and timetable takes into account the busy schedules of the Business Leader and the need for practical knowledge that can be translated into action by the Business Leader to drive success for their companies.


Amalgam understands that Business Leaders benefit most from being exposed to the blend of skills and experience that already exist within their own peer group.

Fellow leaders, drawn from range of sectors, facing the daily challenges of directing modern businesses.The challenge is how to create a meaningful forum in which talent and experience can be blended to the greater advantage of all. Traditional business associations struggle to deliver this. The engagement they offer is often transient.

The peer groups they create usually lack homogeneity; and confidentiality can become an issue. Amalgam intends to become the most popular and respected movement for equipping Africa’s emerging Business Leaders for success. Creating a comfortable space for learning and sharing amongst peers. Inspired by relevant expert content; and facilitated with care and imagination.


Who is behind Amalgam?

Amalgam’s principals are not academics or trainers, but instead three successful businessmen. Ndirangu Maina, Lenny Ng’ang’a and Chris Harrison each spent much of their careers rising to leadership positions in multinational corporations in Africa. Then left to start businesses which carved their own niches in East Africa and beyond.


As seasoned business practitioners, Amalgam’s Founders have realized that they faced the challenges of running their businesses alone, without the wider skill set needed for success.

Amalgam will address the need for a wider knowledge ‘catch up’ and closer peer group support among emerging Business Leaders.


Listen to the Chairman of Amalgam, Ndirangu wa Maina talk about building the right participant  cohort for Amalgam.

Who should join the Amalgam Programme?

Amalgam creates a new peer group every year, by invitation only. The invitation process is designed to minimise the incongruities that prevent a peer group from bonding effectively.

It identifies like-minded people from a range of non-competing organizations; profiled by their qualifications and track record. But the most important filter is personality fit.

How does Amalgam deliver applicable learning?

Listen to Chris Harrison discuss how Amalgam will deliver applicable learning and peer group support to Business Leaders.

The Amalgam peer group shall meet once a month for a one day session in Nairobi. In the morning, the development curriculum will be delivered by technical experts. Lunch will feature a senior figure from business, government or civil society as a guest speaker. The afternoon will be devoted to facilitated group work; where peers help each other to apply the lessons learnt to real business situations in their own companies.Twice yearly, Amalgam will host longer sessions at out-to-town venues to consolidate learnings and strengthen the group dynamic.

How has the Amalgam curriculum been shaped?

Listen to Lenny Ng’ang’a discuss how we researched and designed the right curriculum.
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Amalgam will feature an ever-evolving curriculum of applicable learning. Our initial curriculum has been developed in response to insights from research among Chief Executives. It majors on four areas that keep Business Leaders awake at night: Leadership, Finance, Technology and Marketing.


Guest Speakers

Guy Jack
Group CEO – Associated Battery Manufacturers (ABM)

Edward M. Kirathe
Chief Executive Officer – Acorn Holdings Limited

Ignatius Musungu Obara
Director – Platinum Credit Ltd


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