Who created Amalgam

Amalgam’s Founding Partners are not academics or trainers, but instead four successful business leaders: Ndirangu Maina, Lenny Ng’ang’a, Chris Harrison, and Dr. Yolande Coombes. Each began their careers in multinational corporations in Africa. Then left to start businesses, which created their own success across the African continent.

Reflecting on their own careers, the Partners realised that they had each faced the challenges of leading their businesses alone - without the wider skill set or support network needed for sustained success.

So, together, they designed the Amalgam Leadership Programme to address that deficiency. To make sure that the next generation of emerging business leaders in Africa would be better prepared and supported.

Amalgam’s Founding Directors: Lenny Ng’ang’a, Dr. Yolande Coombes, Ndirangu Maina and Chris Harrison

What is the purpose of Amalgam?

Amalgam Leadership programme is a leadership development brand, created in Kenya and rapidly reaching out across the continent of Africa.

At Amalgam, we understand that business leaders benefit most from being exposed to the blend of skills and experience that already exist within their own peer group. That value becomes higher if that group is diverse. Drawn from range of sectors and backgrounds, but all facing the daily challenges of directing modern businesses in Africa.

The challenge is how to create a meaningful forum in which individual talent and experience can be blended to the greater advantage of all. Something traditional business associations and academic courses often struggle to deliver.

Amalgam provides a forum for cutting edge, practical, and networked learning for business leaders like you. Amalgam is delivered in a collaborative setting - hence the defining statement “Leaders together”. Amalgam content is written and delivered by proven business leaders, with hard-won experience in many fields. Women and men who actively lead their own organisations, while coaching the next generation for success.

Amalgam Leadership Programme intends to become the most respected brand in Africa’s executive learning space. Shaping emerging business leaders for success and fulfilment.


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