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  The Curriculum Structure

The Amalgam Experience

The Amalgam Leadership Programme strikes the right balance between formal learning, personal mentorship and peer interaction to give you a truly rounded growth experience.

In addition, every month high profile business leaders will share with you the ‘moments that have really mattered’ on their own leadership journeys. Scroll down on this page to see our roster of guest speakers .

The shape of the Amalgam Curriculum

You may already be successful, but you will always need to develop yourself. Change is the only constant in business. So, the Amalgam Curriculum is based on the latest research into the development needs of local CEOs:

  • We put the art of Leadership at the core, because that's what your stakeholders, customers and employees expect from you.
  • To Leadership we added Technology, because the pace of technological change is rapid, and has been accelerated by COVID-19.
  • To Technology we added Marketing. Crucial to any business in today's branded world, our research showed us that brand building is still poorly understood at the leadership level in Africa.
  • Finally, we added Finance because understanding the numbers, and explaining them to others, is a critical skill for you to master.

"Uniquely, our content is written and delivered by seasoned CEOs - current leaders in their own fields. Giving you practical strategies to implement in your own organisation, for greater success". - Ndirangu wa Maina. Founding Partner

  curriculum outline

The Amalgam Leadership Curriculum

Business leaders like you still need leadership coaching because ‘what got you here isn't going to get you there’. So, you’ll follow three themes in our Amalgam Leadership Curriculum.

Leading yourself. To be more effective, you must understand how you make decisions, how you influence people, how you approach conflict and how you react under stress. Only then can you adjust your approach by trying the new skills we will teach you.

Leading others.To inspire others, you must understand what motivates your staff, what stresses them, and what difficulties they're facing. Then you can work out how to get the best out of each person. We coach you to balance your intellectual (IQ) with your emotional (EQ) contribution.

Leading the organisation.Amalgam participants learn a great deal about themselves before getting to grips with leadership at scale. He you will learn to set the tone for your business and to shape its culture. In the ‘new normal’, you will need to lead your business differently. We will coach you to do that.

Dr. Yolande Coombes. Partner.

The Amalgam Technology Curriculum

This curriculum will prepare you to use technology to practice business disruption. Quite literally being able to out-think and out-perform your competitors through mastery of relevant business data.

Technology-enabled companies are agile. They bring new products and services to the market with greater success. And they do it with speed.This curriculum is less about mastering technology than understanding how technology-enabled companies operate. How they make decisions. How they structure themselves. And who is responsible for leading change in the digital environment.

You’ll learn what a Chief Information Officer could contribute to your business success. How you can use Big Data to change customer relationships or to optimise your Supply Chain management. Your eyes will be opened to the power of the Internet of Things.

Martin Kiarie. Faculty Member.

The Amalgam Marketing Curriculum

Marketing is critical to business success. It is how your customers find out about your product or service. It shapes how your customers interact with your brand. Business without Marketing is like winking in a dark room: you know what you're doing, but no one else does.

This curriculum will equip you to drive marketing agenda in your company. It will leave you in no doubt about the contribution you should expect from your Marketing team, and it will expose you to the tools they have available to them.

Here you will learn how to set measurable objectives for Return on Marketing Investment. You’ll be exposed to the use of creativity to persuade consumers to change behaviour. You’ll gain a working understanding of the media channels available to you. And you’ll be challenged to develop an approach to managing business reputation in the digital space.

Lenny N’gang’a. Founding Partner

The Amalgam Finance Curriculum

This curriculum is designed both for leaders with and without strong Financial experience. It hones in on what you, as a leader, must know about the numbers.

You’ll begin with Financial Literacy, under which we interrogate Financial Statements. Improving your working understanding of three critical tools: Statements of Comprehensive Income; Statements of Financial Position and Statements of Cashflows.

Equipped with these, you can move on to modern Business Management, learning to create the right Performance Dashboards for your business.

You’ll move on to establishing appropriate Business Controls and combating Financial Fraud. We’ll brief you to structure a future-proof approach to Tax and Compliance. And we’ll give ideas on seeking additional funding for your business.

The Amalgam Finance Curriculum will help you develop to be a financially-savvy business leader.

Richard Ndungu. Faculty Member


Amalgam’s VIP Guest Speakers

The Amalgam Leadership Programme enjoys the support of a large community of local, regional and Pan-African business leaders. Their hard-earned lessons from business and life will bring to life the themes we deliver in our 4 curriculum areas. Providing you with priceless insights, and the confidence to try new approaches.


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